Internal System for Wellcome

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Social Challenge#1: Smart Homecare

As more and more distributors put their products on the shelves in the Wellcome superstore, their demand for in-store advertisement has increased over time. Wellcome wanted to develop an internal system for all parties to place advertisements ahead of time and see the availability and estimated price.

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Business Challenge #1: Real-time Data Representation

Distributors are given access to this internal system for them to log in and book/reserve advertising spaces and booths in physical stores. It is typical for distributors to book/reserve advertisements during holidays such as Christmas or Chinese New Year. During this peak period, not only are the prices higher, but the competition between distributors is also fierce. This is why a critical element of the system needed to be able to handle high traffic volumes and keep the availability and prices up to date.

Business Challenge #2: Scannable and Comprehensible Content

Internal systems are known to hold tons of data points and are often very difficult to navigate. Furthermore, internal systems usually don’t filter out useless data for users, leading to a frustrating user experience. To combat these issues, we first identified which data sets were most useful to users, and removed the excess information. We also ensured that the design language was clean and scannable by using high contrast background colors between columns.

Our Service

Through our UX consultation and design service, Legato developed an easy-to-use, function-packed yet easy-to-use internal system.

Our Custom Web Solution

  • Content Management System
  • Search Feature
  • Filter Feature
  • Book/Reserve Feature
  • Online Payment
  • Real-Time Data
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

What makes a great internal system?

Real-time data that, ensured fairness to all parties involved;
Easy navigation and relevant data for an optimal experience;
Ease of to booking through an internal system.


Brand Story of Wellcome

Founded in 1945, Wellcome is Hong Kong’s longest-established supermarket chain. Since 1964, the company has been wholly owned by Dairy Farm. With a staff of around 8,700, Wellcome’s network of over 280 stores in Hong Kong serves more than 16 million customers every month.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong