CRM Loyalty Mobile App For Choi Fung Hong


Choi Fung Hong is a local personal care and skincare brand in Hong Kong. They came to us with the challenge of creating a system to process huge amounts of data and interact with their loyal customers. Our solution – to create a best-in-class customer relationship programme to meet their needs.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

Business Challenge #1: Reaching the Right User

We needed to be laser focused in the audience we were trying to reach. To do this, we needed a critical understanding of the brand, its heritage and its brand identity. Following a phase of audience analysis, we proposed a pen-portrait of 30-49 year old females in low-middle class. For this group, our insights revealed how they were a prime audience for Choi Fung Hong as they tended to pay more attention to new seasonal promotions and discounts. They were a lot more likely to be interested in reward programs with gamification elements.

To align with their brand color, and the character of Choi Fung Hong’s 蔗糖仔 in this application, we used gradient backgrounds and monochromatic colors to create a friendly look and feel, a more homely, fun, and positive environment.

Business Challenge #2: Optimizing Buying Cycles

We made sure to integrate various prize-giving sections to give users more reason to use the app. Gift redemption with reward points with each purchase instore brought the customer to the app. Provide online tasks such as daily check-in filling survey and referral a friend to gain more prizes. The more users engage in the app and the more valuable gift they receive. It creates product and service awareness in the app frequently, allowing existing customers to discover updated offerings and visit the physical store to make continuous purchases.

Our Service

Through our UX consultation and design service, and our experience with CRM programs, we built a loyalty mobile app for Choi Fung Hong. This platform incorporated gamification elements with user-centered interface design to help our client to maintain users’ loyalty to the brand.

From our user behaviors research, we put forward a points accumulation game instead of multiple small tasks to earn gifts. This way, customers are more likely to feel satisfaction when there is progress and goals to achieve, thus, we’ve made the gamification a level-up timeline, with small goals and a final prize to earn to build loyalty and increase engagement.

Our Custom App Solution

  • Points Redemption Program
  • Content Management System
  • e-Membership Card
  • Online Shop Browsing
  • Gamification
  • Promotion Platform
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

What Makes a Great CRM Loyalty Mobile App?

Provided a digital and modern-day extension of Choi Fung Hong’s brand image;
Enabled shoppers to check membership status, points and online gifts anytime, anywhere;
Sent timely push notifications for shoppers on news and latest promotions;
Eenabled shoppers to find the nearest Choi Fung Hong store.


Brand Story of CHOI FUNG HONG

Choi Fung Hong is a personal care and skincare brand established in 1995 in Hong Kong. It is the first Hong Kong factory to be GMP-approved and has been certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 22716:2007. At present, the main product lines cover shower gels, hair care, facial mask, skincare products, etc., under their own brands including JOSERISTINE, C.F. Life, C.L, JimmBenny, YUK, Bension, etc. Currently, Choi Fung has 25 branches in Hong Kong and Macau.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong