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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can support digital transformation and help your business streamline your workflows, reduce human error and give employees more time for high-value work. At Legato, our expert consultants can help to review your existing RPA strategy, engage with key stakeholders and devise the best solutions to help you achieve a genuinely digital-first approach.

What We Offer


RPA helps to automate repetitive tasks that are usually performed manually using technology based on software robots, chatbots, AI or ML.


Improve services to processes that have a high probability of human error, thereby increasing accuracy. With the help of RPA, it is easier for businesses to automate, verify and collect huge amounts of data quickly, and cost-efficiently.


RPA supports digital transformation by improving business outcomes and decision making through enhanced, automatic and is capable of analyzing huge amounts of data accurately,faster than a human.


RPA makes the tallying of data and information from multiple systems possible, which generates information that helps with the integration of processes.

Employee Productivity

RPA frees the employees from more manual tasks so they can focus on client and customer interactions, relationship management and adding value, where it matters most.


RPA is applicable across industries and has the ability to perform a wide range of tasks. Any process that is rules-based, can be defined, and is repeatable makes an ideal automation use case



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