Redemption App for South China Media

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Business Challenge #1: Coupon Code

South China Media wanted its readers to redeem subscribed magazines in hard copy at specified convenient stores by entering their coupon code into the redemption app at the checkout counter.

Business Challenge #2: Data for Marketing

For marketing purposes, South China Media was interested in learning about its readers’ behaviours. Thus, valuable data was collected in each redemption for analyses.

Our Service

Legato developed the SC Mag app for South China Media to manage readers’ subscription and redemption.

Our Custom App/Web Solution

The SC Mag app is equipped with following functions:

  • Content Management System
  • Subscription System
  • eCoupon Redemption
  • User Behavior Tracking

What Makes a Great Redemption App?

Benefits of the SC Mag app:

  • enables the subscription of a range of magazines in print or digital copy; and
  • allows readers to redeem coupons from advertisers.

Brand Story of South China Media

South China Media is one of the largest publication media in Hong Kong. The company publishes monthly and weekly magazines specialising in fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, current affairs, finance and family topics.

Download the SC Mag app now and enjoy exclusive gifts!

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong