Loyalty Mobile App for Sa Sa


Business Challenge #1: Retail Digitization

The growing popularity of mobile apps and social media has reshaped the retail landscape. Traditional multichannel loyalty programs no longer meet the expectation of customers. As one of Asia’s leading the cosmetics retailers, Sa Sa is constantly looking for new ways to improve customer experience whilst enhancing efficiency. Mobile technology is the way to go.

Business Challenge #2: Digital Membership Cards

A successful loyalty program features a host of ongoing campaigns rather than any single campaign. Sa Sa looked to retain loyal customers by offering the latest promotions and exclusive eCoupons from time to time.


Our Service

Legato designed and built an all-round loyalty mobile app for Sa Sa with much of the focus on UX (User Experience) consultation and design. We successfully transformed a traditional loyalty program into a tailor-made advanced app supporting a massive number of users from Hong Kong and China.

Our Custom App/Web Solution

The iOS and Android-based Sa Sa Membership App for China & Hong Kong deployment is a customer-facing app with following features:

  • eCoupon platform
  • Statistic Report
  • User Behavior Tracking
  • Content Management System
  • Real-time Push Notification
  • Data Encryption
  • Connection Security

What Makes a Great Membership App?

Benefits of Sa Sa Membership App:

  • builds brand loyalty;
  • boosts engagement with customers across various channels from mobile to social media platforms;
  • increases revenue via exclusive offers;.
  • reflects the brand’s image;
  • acts as a major touch point between the company and its customers;
  • adds value to a users; and
  • strengthens customer relationships and streamlines CRM operations.


Brand Story

Listed in Hong Kong in 1997. Sa Sa International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 178) is Asia’s leading cosmetics retailing group with over 270 retail stores across the region, covering Hong Kong, Macao, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia.

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