Disinfection Robot Control Mobile App For Avalon


The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the world that traditional and manual cleaning protocols are no longer sustainable to ensure our health. All stakeholders, especially government and sizable corporations should deploy autonomous machines to fight against viruses and bacteria.

With that mission in mind, Avalon SteriTech has created the machine itself and would like to develop an application for operators to control their robots remotely. We brought that vision to life.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

Business Challenge #1: Controlling Multiple Robots Simultaneously

This app is designed specifically for the Gambit mode, where it will be used mainly in public underground transit, hotel rooms, and shopping mall. Operators are expected to control multiple Gambits with the app, hence each robot’s water and battery level should be visible on the dashboard. The pairing process should be fast and simple as well since operators are given multiple Gambits to handle daily. Our designs are centered around the operator’s day-to-day use case to create the best experience for their job.

Business Challenge #2: Customisable Settings

Some of the robot’s advanced settings hugely depend on its working environments such as the movement detection level and water level color. Although these settings are not the primary focus of its feature, they should be adjustable by the operators for their ease of work. We have decided to put these settings within the inner page since these settings won’t be used as often. Other settings such as upload activity log and firmware update are also located on the inner page when it is needed.

Our Service

Through our UX consultation and design service, Legato developed an easy-to-use, functional packed yet easy-to-use remote control app for autonomous robots.

Our Custom App Solution

  • Content Management System
  • Multiple Robot Pairing
  • Count Down Timer For Cleaning
  • Adjustable Robot Settings
  • Push Notification For Error Detection
  • Log Creation
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

What Makes a Good Robot Control Mobile App?

Allow operators to control multiple autonomous robots and real-time updates of robots’ battery and water levels. Customizable settings to adjust each robot’s working environment. Create a log of operation and upload it instantly via an internet connection.


Brand Story of Avalon SteriTech

Avalon SteriTech is founded in January 2020, with a version of helping the world prepare for the next pandemic. They have also partnered up with MTR Corporation to co-develop and commercialize disinfection solutions.
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong