Corporate Website for Wilson Communications Ltd. (W.E.)

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Wilson Communications Limited has always been spearheading jaw-dropping deals in the smartphone industry through its revolutionary trade-in schemes. Lately, they have created a new Brand (W.E.) to expand this business model into a mobile plan subscription. Legato aims to sharpen their market image with our UI/UX design and offers a streamlined digital brand experience to customers, and delivers a SEO friendly corporate site.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

Business Challenge #1: Educating the Customer

When there are dozens of options for customers to choose from, it is in the company’s best interest to educate customers so that they can make the most sensible option before they make their purchase decision. Legato beliefs that a quick and easy comparison chart is required as one of the website features, and we have implemented a digital consultant – just 4 steps, a time-saving process for potential customers to identify what plan they are most suited for.

Business Challenge #2: Gaining Customer’s Trust

One of the major factors that are hindering the conversion rate has always been the lack of transparency from the service provider. The customer always feels like there are hidden costs and fees especially when the pricing of the service is too competitive. With that in mind, all information for each data plan is listed, including admin fees and contract duration, the number of gigabits, and data speed so that there won’t be any hidden fees or relevant information missing.

Our Service

Through our UX consultation and design service, Legato developed a user-centric information website.

Our Custom App Solution

  • Product Comparison
  • Product Browsing
  • Detailed Product Information
  • Store Locator
  • Integration with the client’s backend system
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

What Makes a Great Informative Website?

Always put users’ needs as the top priority;
Act like a digital consultant – guide the customer to select the right mobile subscription plan.


Brand Story of Wilson Communications Ltd. (W.E.)

Wilson – A mobile phone chain store serving Hong Kong for more than 20 years, from the experience of selling mobile phones, they understand the common problem that local mobile phone users often face: how to choose the most suitable one from the many monthly plans. As a 5G network service brand under Wilson, W.E. is committed to providing mobile phone users with a clear, simple, and easy-to-understand monthly fee plan, eliminating all kinds of clever charges, so that users can truly benefit.
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong