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New World Construction is the construction arm of New World Development Company Limited. This Construction Information Anywhere App (CIA) project is a co-development work with New World Construction team. We take over the mobile app development and integrate with their DMS (Document Managmnet System) to provide a comprehensive mobile app for field workers to access the project data on the road.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

Business Challenge #1: The Necessity of Offline Mode

When Construction Information Anywhere was first launched, New World Construction missed one of the most important features for their users – offline mode. Construction workers have to handle large files in their day-to-day operations, such as floor plans, reviewing contracts, drawing submissions, etc. However, their working environment usually doesn’t have wifi and poor data signal. To combat this, we have implemented a force sync feature that users can turn on so that all their documents will be synced and stored to their phone automatically every day at 10 am before work.

Business Challenge #2: Flexible Storage Approach

File size from constructing work is massive, often exceeding 10 plus gigabits for each user and even more for the management-level employee. To begin with, to prevent this app from taking all the storage in the user’s phone, we have set the limit within the app to use just 5 gigabits of storage of its phone. Users can then adjust according to the storage amount needed for work. Each file type also has a tag so that users know what file type is taking up most of the space and they can make adjustments if needed.

Our Service

Through our UX consultation and design service, Legato developed a comprehensive, function-packed yet customizable internal system app.

Our Custom App Solution

  • Content Management System
  • Offline Mode
  • Auto File Synchronization
  • Storage Management
  • Organizational File Structure
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

What Makes a Great Internal System App?

Provide peace of mind as data auto sync every day;
Design with the everyday user in mind to improve workflow;
Display relevant and scannable tags where users can identify issues right away.


Brand Story of New World Construction

Construction Information Anywhere is a management system created for the New World Construction team w hich they use every day. It provides key features such as a document control system (DCS), workflow management, drawing management, and many more. In addition, it is also mobile and desktop friendly.
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong