Hotline Recording Sharing App Development for Bupa and QHMS

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Bupa and Quality Healthcare (QHMS) are two popular healthcare companies providing services in Hong Kong.

For the insurance industry, a phone call is always the most used first point of contact for customer services and sales calls to reach new clients. Many companies tend to record the conversations to reassure clients and to monitor insurance brokers’ performances. The project brief from the client was to create a platform to ensure that call transcriptions and records could be easily indexed and searched for by internal colleagues.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

Business Challenge #1: Standardized Performance

After the call, their manager will rate the performance 1 to 10 and leave a comment by listening to the calls recorded. The calls provide a visible standard to the insurance brokers on how to deal with clients. Using the audio filter option is classified by the categories of phone calls ranging from sale, policy, and claims. Allow users to reference the high-rated colleague. They easily understand the company’s expected solutions to deal with specific situations. Up to date and continuingly release audio provides users with a great number of valuable references for their work.

Social Challenge#2: Blending Two Brands Into One App

Since the acquisition of QHMS, Bupa has been struggling to incorporate QHMS branding with the existing one. Bupa gave us the challenge to solve using design language. We took inspiration from both brands and custom-made a new set of icons that felt true to both brand attributes. We also incorporated both color schemes into the app.

Our Service

Through our bespoke UX consultation and design service, Legato was able to solve an integration challenge for Bupa and QHMS, as well as promoting a user-centric interface for internal training purposes.

Our Custom App Solution

  • Improved call performance rating and shares
  • Content Management System
  • Like & Comment & Share for Audio
  • Audio Categorization
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong

What Makes a Great Homecare Mobile App?

Interactive rating feature, with filtering incorporated to show best responses;
Ability to comment on different posts, collect useful feedback;
Audios are divided into different categories.


Brand Story of Bupa

Bupa is an international healthcare company serving over 31 million customers worldwide. Bupa operates both health insurance and clinics in Hong Kong, providing more and better healthcare for the benefit of current and future customers.

Brand Story of QHMS

Quality HealthCare (QHMS) is a local health care company targeting corporate services to help safeguard the health of all staff and maintain a healthy workforce through tailored healthcare packages.

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong