Consultation App for Galderma’s Harmony Programme

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Business Challenge #1: Multi-stakeholder Management

As the world’s largest biotic manufacturer, Galderma needed to manage its stakeholders from sales team, clinics to patients for the brand’s famous Harmony Programme.

Business Challenge #2: Multi-functionality

Intended for aesthetic health care practice, Harmony Programme required a multi-purpose app for practitioners to assess patients’ conditions and design individual treatment plans, for clinics to maintain patients’ digitized profiles, and for Galderma’s headquarter to view KPI, statistics and export all sensitive data for further analysis.

Our Service

Legato developed a mobile comprehensive platform which was a brand new concept to the dermatology world. This Harmony Programme App was the awardee of “HKICT Best Enterprise Mobile App”.

Our Custom App/Web Solution

The consultation app comes with the following functions:

  • Client Database System
  • Facial Assessment Tool
  • Real-time Facial Simulation Tool
  • Encrypted Data Security Structure
  • KPI Tool

What Makes a Great Mobile Consultation App?

Benefits of the Harmony Programme app:

  • enables practitioners to design treatment plans via online facial assessment;
  • delivers the top data protection for each patient’s profile; and
  • collects KPI data for analyses.

Brand Story of Galderma

Galderma S.A. is a Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in science-based dermatological treatments and skin care products.

Download now and assess your beauty condition with the Harmony Programme app!

Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong
Legato - Mobile App company Hong Kong