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Sa Sa eMembership App – Digitalize Membership And Loyalty Program

Leading the cosmetics retailing industry in Asia, Sa Sa is constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and enhance efficiency. Mobile technology is one such method that is quickly gaining popularity.

Sa Sa eMembership App which is developed by Legato, is built to strengthen the customer relationship and streamline CRM operations. We successfully transformed the traditional loyalty program into a tailor-made advanced app which enables to support both immense HK and China users. Following on the digital membership card with rewards on the purchase, customers can also receive the latest promotions and exclusive eCoupons.


Outback Steakhouse – Facilitate Loyalty Program Through Mobility

Outback Steakhouse, a renowned Australian steakhouse always strives for delivering an extraordinary customer experience.

The advanced Outback Steakhouse mobile app which is developed by Legato, and it is built to replace the physical membership card by digitalising the loyalty programme and delivering privilege service to Outback’s valuable customers. Our UI/UX team revamped the corporate website which enhances the brand image and usability. Legato also provides a hassle-free tool to update both app and web contents in a single Content Management System. Ultimately, it drives up member acquisition and strengthens the retention rate.

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Full responsive web design & web accessibility standards for leading global food supplier – Keystone Foods

Keystone Foods is a leading supplier of protein products to major chain restaurants, food service providers and retail outlets around the world with approximate sales of $2.7 billion worldwide. Headquartered in West Chester, PA, they have 11,000 employees and a huge customer base that includes more than 36,000 quick-service restaurants, major food service, and industrial companies as well as retail outlets around the world.

Legato has designed and developed a comprehensive web system to allow Keystone’s clients to keep tracking stock status, and also help their admin staff to manage bulk products update. It enhances their product update workflow and provides a handy tool for their clients around the world to access the stock info on their mobile phone and web browser as well. It’s a comprehensive content management system (CMS) which includes multi-user roles, workflow, content preview and responsible design.

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New features are now available on BEAM Society Ltd (BSL) mobile app – BEAM Plus assessment after revamption!

BEAM Plus assessment is the Hong Kong’s leading initiative to offer independent assessments of building sustainability performance.  It offers a comprehensive set of performance criteria for a wide range of sustainability issues relating to the planning, design, construction, commissioning, management, operation and maintenance of a building.  The Tools provide building users and developers a single performance label representing the overall quality of a building or built environment.
To further enhance and facilitate the online-to-offline (O2O) business, Legato revamped the BEAM Plus mobile application which incorporates new features for ease-of-use and convenience. This app allows users to access BEAM Plus information, statistics, assessments manuals and submit enquiry form all in one platform. With training details arranged by date and category, users can easily scroll through the app to find events and bookmark them.
Let’s be part of the green community and download the BEAM Plus assessment app now!
technology voucher programme

Technology Voucher Programme・Accelerating Your business with ICT Strength

What is TVP?

TVP aims to subsidise local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade or transform their business processes. The programme will be implemented on a pilot basis for an initial period of three years from November 2016 with HK$500 million from the Innovation and Technology Fund.



Who are eligible to apply?

An enterprise will be eligible to apply if:

  1. It is registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (BRO) (Cap. 310);
  2. It has at least one year of substantive business operation in Hong Kong which is related to the project under application at the time of application; and
  3. It fulfils the Government’s definition of SMEs, i.e. manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong; or non-manufacturing businesses employing fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.



  1. 根據《商業登記條例》(第310章)在香港登記;
  2. 在本港有實質業務運作最少一年,而該業務在提交申請時須與申請項目相關;及
  3. 符合政府訂明的中小企定義,即在申請科技券計劃時,在本港僱用少於100人的製造業企業,或在本港僱用少於50人的非製造業企業。

Application Procedure ・申請程序

Contact Us ・聯絡我們

Crown Motors

Crown Motors Wows Guests with Legato Interactive Self-Guided Tour at New Flagship Showroom

Crown Motors Ltd, the renowned automotive distributor for Toyota, Lexus and Hino, operates various showrooms, service centres and parts centres conveniently located throughout Hong Kong.

Customer service has long been of paramount importance in the ultra-competitive automotive industry. Already a leader in providing the utmost level of customer service, Crown Motors decided to focus on something more as it was finalizing plans to open its new Kowloon Bay Flagship Showroom – customer experience.

Crown Motors decided to enlist the services of the 1st Apple Business Solution Provider – Legato Technologies, a full-service iOS and macOS software developer, to offer a truly immersive and informative experience to guests at the new showroom by utilizing an application on iPad devices connected to iBeacons installed throughout the venue.

At a special opening event on 13 April, 2017, guests were thrilled to embark on a tour of the new showroom with iPad as their guide. By using iBeacons installed throughout the showroom, customers received real-time brand and model information for each demo car within the shop on iPad devices as soon as they approached a designated area. The self-guided solution delivered a seamless, digital and interactive customer experience.

Crown Motors is proud to cement its role as the leader in customer service and customer experience by being the first in the automotive industry to employ indoor location-based technology (iBeacon).

“With iPad, our customers received a special and extraordinary experience at our Kowloon Bay Flagship Showroom’s Grand Opening” — Hon Yeung, Marketing Manager for Crown Motors, Limited

Legato developed this customized iBeacon Self-guided Tour Solution for our client – Crown Motors Ltd. If you got an idea in mind, please let us know and we will work this out together.

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Shanghai expo eDM

The China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF) – Bring Your Business In Motion

The China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair (CSITF), 2017  (第五屆中國(上海)國際技術進出口交易會) was successfully held on April 20-22, 2017 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center.

Legato Technologies Limited took the pleasure in being invited by Hong Kong Software Industry Association (HKSiA) to become one of the exhibitors at Shanghai, a city of innovations pursuing unlimited technological investments and opportunities.

Recognised as an Apple Solution Provider in Hong Kong, Legato presented with its trusted experience to the occasion in the specialisations:

  • Mobile App Design
  • Website Design
  • eCommerce
  • Workflow Management
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality

Here’s a catch-up of our past efforts with clients:

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atal engineering

ATAL – Project Assistant (PA) Mobile Application

ATAL – Project Assistant (PA) Mobile Application

ATAL Engineering Group (ATAL) is a well-established electrical & mechanical, IT and environmental engineering group, serving customers in Greater China and around the world.

As a forerunner and reliable engineering company, we need a reliable, efficient and secure communications platform to facilitate safe and quick communications among staff.

The customised solution – “ATAL Project Assistant (PA) Mobile App Platform” allow staff’s conversations directly migrate from Whatsapp to the PA App.  Confidential and Sensitive information can be protected as the organisation no longer relies on the third party communication tool. All contents from the app can also automatically generate as any forms of supporting documents. Company will not require multiple back and forth email or official reconfirmations and hence increase efficiency. Productivity is therefore expedited with the mobile management of accessible reports, pushes, scannings, tags, galleries and commentary.

Legato developed this customised project assistant platform for our client – ATAL. If you got an idea in mind, please let us know and we will work this out together.

Italian Tomato Membership App

Italian Tomato eMembership Mobile Application

Italian Tomato eMembership Mobile Application

Italian Tomato has been a well-known cake shop and cafe in Hong Kong over decades.

The new eMembership mobile platform delivers a generic solution to mobilise the card membership while supporting physical card at the same time. Members can be upgraded to VIP by gaining the reward points thru in-store spending. Meanwhile, the eCoupon function turns into a marketing tool in the eCoupon distribution.  It is more accessible now for Italian Tomato to reach the target groups and implement the redemption at stores more effectively.

Legato is the solution provider for our client Italian Tomato. If you have an idea in mind, we could work it out for you!